How to choose the right eyewear for you

Every day at work can be a lot of dagerous incidents occur involving eyes and face. The consequences can be conjunctivitis, eye injuries up to partial or total blindness. In order to select the the right protective solution, that will suits the best to your needs, you should make an analysis. Here are the factors you should considered and analyze. Here is a few steps how to arrange correct protection for your eyes and face:

1. Risk analysis
Define the risk which can occure in your work space. To define the main risks to prevent eye injuries with the right eye protection - safety spectacles, googles or shields. Every work has a specific risks as well as enviroment which must be taken in the mind to protect your eyes.

2. How long you are working with the eye protection?
these days there is a lot of working enviroments where is recomended to use the eyewear during the all working day, which open a discussion  about the comfort, weight as well as optical quality or ergonomy of the safety eyewear.

3. What kind of lenses do you need?
Every lens has a specific feature which can improve your usage comfort and also help protect your eyes.

4. What are the safety and technical requirements/features of the safety glasses and shields in the working enviroment ?
We have a full range of highest quality safety eyewear as well as wide range of designs and technical specification of the eyewear and faxe protection which fulfill the needs of safety, ergonomy and comfort of users.

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